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Design Thinking Workshop


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A collaborative workshop between SA & French students to design solutions and interventions to contemporary urban social problems in Joburg
GRIND Studio, 6th floor, 308 Fox Street, Maboneng
6 November at 18h00 / Free
Limited seating - bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do you drive or walk past every single day that with a bit of creative thought could completely transform your neighbours, your colleagues or even a humble stranger’s experience of the area? Is it a mural that inspires hope or brings together a community? Perhaps an innovative way to fill potholes or a slick solution to securing bicycles? What about a structure to assist your local street vendor or a system of garbage collection that encourages recycling?
– adapted from the Design Indaba ‘Your Street Challenge’South African and French students from UJ Faculty of Art,

Design and Architecture, Ecole Boulle (FR) and Artist Proof Studio collaborate on a Design Thinking Workshop between 3 to 6 November at GRIND Studio in Maboneng. They present to the public their “pitch” on the final day of the workshop, on 6 November at 18h00.

This project drives various groups of students to research and conceptualise an innovative and appropriate design solution to a contemporary social problem within a 1km radius of Maboneng’s GRIND Studio by exploring the surrounding area and utilising a variety of research techniques.

Excitingly, in this scenario, time may be used as a creative material and tool: the given time of the workshop implies that the students identify appropriate solutions/interventions which may be ‘lighter’, more temporary and possibly ‘poetic’ ways to approach the design process and its ability to deal with a social situation.

Through ideation/brainstorming – the students will design a solution to a perceived problem – due to the open ended nature of the project, the final outcome could take any number forms: a bench, a flash mob, a poster campaign, a mural etc.

Design Thinking Workshop is a collaboration between UJ’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA), Ecole Boulle (FR) and Artist Proof Studio with the support of the French Institute of South Africa and GRIND Studio who will be hosting the workshop in their studio.


About Ecole Boulle
Named after Louis XIV's personal cabinet maker and marquetry craftsman Andre-Charles Boulle, Ecole Boulle is a vast structure founded in the "furniture area" of Paris in 1886. It's one of the most prestigious school for Crafts and Design in France. Three departments define the studies -Design, Crafts, Layout - leading to a common goal: implementing creative strategies to conceive, develop and prototype for mass production, small series or unique pieces, mixing together tradition and innovation to the benefits of the user and in answer to contemporary needs. Ecole Boulle is part of a strong network of professionals devoted to promote French excellence in contemporary creations where Crafts and Design meet. That’s why we have developed a true expertise on French image worldwide and regularly team with prestigious brands and cultural institutions requiring our creativity and skills.

About UJ Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) is committed to fostering creative and professional excellence in art and design education. This dynamic and exciting Faculty has a colourful 80-year history during which it has been associated with numerous highly successful individuals in the world of art, design and architecture. FADA offers courses in Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Multimedia and Visual Art, and works closely with industry to ensure that its programmes remain relevant and keep students constantly exposed to changes occurring in the practicing worlds of art and design. Recognised national and international artists, designers and academics are regularly invited to address students; while the FADA Gallery hosts a series of exhibitions throughout the year and the annual student exhibitions showcasing the best student work for public viewing.

About Artist Proof Studio
Artist Proof Studio is a quality Art Education Centre that specialises in printmaking through a variety of diverse partnerships with creative young artists, established professional artists, community groups, patrons and funders.

GRIND stands GRIND stands for Global Regeneration Initiative for Neighbourhood Development. GRIND is a non-profit organisation that aims at promoting innovative and inclusive urban regeneration practices around the world. To achieve this goal, GRIND runs a collection of Studios for urban innovation located in neighbourhoods around the world that offer free working spaces for the implementation of urban projects. GRIND is also an international network of organisations, developers and public entities with the objective to share best practices about urban regeneration. In November 2014, GRIND welcomes 30 students from UJ, Artist Proof Studio and Ecole Boulle to offer them guidance and a space to implement innovative design projects that will have a positive impact on the urban environment of the Maboneng area.


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