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The “Tramway: A French School" exhibition represents France in Cape Town as part of the World Design Capital 2014

15 - 19 October 2014 from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Cape Town Stadium


Le Lieu du Design and APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) presents the exhibition “Tramway: a French School” in Cape Town, South Africa (World Design Capital 2014) from October 15 to 19. Designed by Le Lieu du Design in partnership with ALSTOM, the RATP Group (Paris Transportation Company) and the STIF (Paris Region Transport Authority), the exhibition was chosen to represent France because of the excellence of its know-how in terms of urban tramways design as part of the Design House Exhibition 'Transforming Cities'.

Transforming Cities
After Turin, Seoul and Helsinki, Cape Town was named World Design Capital 2014 by the ICSID (International Council of Industrial Design Companies). Organizations, cities and collectives from the 5 continents will be reunited for the “World Design House exhibitions” presentation based on the theme of “Transforming Cities”. It shows design’s influence in today’s growing context of urbanization and development in cities that also takes into account the well-being of its inhabitants. The APCI, backed by the DGE (General Direction of Companies), part of France’s Ministry of Industry, asked Le Lieu du Design to present its “Tramway: a French School” exhibition. The French-style tramway is an extremely significant example of positive transformation in the cities where it is developed. This phenomenon, acknowledged throughout the world for its quality and expansiveness, seemed the best choice to represent France.

What is the French-style tramway?
In a renewed scenography, the exhibit highlights the special features of French-style tramways, which reveal the most recent innovations in urban design with examples in France and internationally. To conceive this clean, secure, comfortable and highly accessible type of transport means relying to a large extent on creative professionals: designers, city planners, architects and artists. Thus the transportation project (vehicles, rails, power lines) is enhanced by customized design for the rolling stock, public spaces, stations, urban furniture, artistic and cultural side projects plus new systems for visual identity and passengers information.

The French-style tram and urban renewal
Since a tramway project is intended to modify both a transportation system and a city’s planning, its objectives will ultimately be environmental, social and economic: a more fluid, better offer of transportation, new urban landscapes, the creation of pedestrian zones, the revitalization of city centers, the opening up of suburbs and a quest for architectural excellence. In each case, the arrival of a tram line creates a positive upheaval in both the use of public spaces and the lifestyle of a city’s inhabitants.

Bilingual publication: “Tramway : une École Française”, published by IAU idf, 76 pages, 12 euro
Curator: Yo Kaminagai, Head of Design at the RATP Project Management Department
Scenography and graphic design: Eloi Lemétayer/ La Fabrique de l’Est

More about the project on http://www.wdccapetown2014.com/projects/project/682
More about the Design House Exhibition on 

A short Questions & Answers

An interesting fact/story about your project
This exhibition will highlight and showcase international examples of transformative design and present best practices as an indicator of economic and social drivers for cities.

How does your project use design?
Cape Town Design NPC will curate a thought-provoking view of design in cities that reflects the positive influence design has on city development and how it impacts on citizens' lives.

When and where does your project take place?
15 - 19 October 2014 at the Cape Town Stadium, Greenpoint

Tell us about the team behind your project.
Cape Town Design NPC is organising and curating the Exhibition, led by WDC 2014 Programme Director Nicky Swartz.

What impact can your project have on people's lives?
The "Transforming Cities" Exhibition will provide insights into the "how" and "what", showcasing a breadth of solutions and innovation through design for Capetonians to see how design can transform their lives.

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