Chiffonade - A dance performance for children one and above

For the first time ever in Johannesburg, ASSITEJ SA in partnership with IFAS, the French Institute of South Africa, will host a dance piece created especially for babies, toddlers and very young audiences.





Chiffonade, a dance performance specifically made for toddlers and young children, will be hosted at a series of venues and festivals through September. The piece is created by established French choreographer Michèle Dhallu of Carré Blanc Cie and has toured extensively in Europe and to acclaimed festivals around the globe receiving glowing reviews.

As Mary Brennan Dance critic says of the performance at the Edinburgh Festival: 'The hurly burly of the Fringe (Edinburgh) doesn't always feel a welcoming habitat for very young children, nonetheless there are wee gems for early years theatre-goers. Chiffonade is one of them... A ginormous squishy ball of many colours sits alone on the stage. It's actually the patchwork house of a mercurial sprite who gives the sphere lively legs, turns it into a snail-shell home, and finally wriggles out of it into the Big World.'

As part of this exciting new model of work for young audiences, ASSITEJ SA invited Michèle Dhallu, French choreographer, and Suzel Barbaroux, dancer, for a residency at the UJ Arts Centre during March 2018. The dance piece is now given new life by acclaimed performer, Lulu Mlangeni, who provides a unique South African take on the work. This dance adventure will now perform at a series of venues through September including: the Hilton Arts Festival in KwaZulu-Natal, the National Children's Theatre (with the support of the French Institute of South Africa), and REDfest at Redhill High in Gauteng
This intercultural collaboration is an extension of the work that was done for Cradle of Creativity, the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival, which ASSITEJ SA hosted in Cape Town in 2017 - the first time the event has been hosted on the African continent.


Chiffonnade unfolds with fabrics as its raw materials – fabrics you can touch, crumple up, feel and fold, fabrics you can wear or disguise yourself in and which condition the way other people see us. But Chiffonnade also evokes emancipation, with the chrysalis of a child growing and growing until they become an adult.



Type: Dance
Duration: 40 mins
Audience: Children aged 1 to 5, and their families

Venues and tour dates

Hilton Festival Dates, KZN:
Date: 15th-16th September
Time: 15th at 12:00 and 13:30
16th at 10:00
Venue: Hilton Arts Festival
Please see for bookings

National Children's Theatre, Gauteng:
Date: 25th-27th September
Time: 10am
Venue: National Children's Theatre, Parktown, JHB
Please contact for bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 011 484 1584

REDfest Dates, Redhill High school, Gauteng:
Date: 29th and 30th September
Time: 9 am
Venue: Len Miller Hall, Redhill High School, Sandton, Gauteng
Please see for further information
And for tickets


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