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Interview with Robyn Orlin


2016 Robyn Orlin 


Ifas Culture is proud to support Robyn Orlin's piece In A World Full Of Butterflies, It Takes Balls To Be A Caterpillar... Some Thoughts On Falling... coming soon in South Africa !

Before her arrival we asked her few questions.


1) Being a South African working very often in France and sharing the experience of both countries, how does it feel as an artist? What do you learn from both cultures? And how has this influenced your dance and choreographic style?

My work is very much affected by where I am and what is happening in the world.... South Africa and her history have always been my first influence and triggers but now that I live between continents I really get to see both sides of the coin. I mean I really get to see the roots of colonialism at work in Europe and the results of it... In other words, in either Africa or Europe, I have to confront my not belonging, my race, my sex and what it means to make work in these situations.


2) How do you describe yourself as an artist?

In the time of the struggle, I described myself as a cultural worker, I still do now...


3) What is the role of a choreographer? What inspired you to become a choreographer?

I'm not sure anymore what the role of a choreographer is. I think it's different for all choreographers. For me, it's to reflect on my environment using whatever tools come to me in the process, so movement is probably the furthest thing away from my impetus.


4) What can expect the audience from your last performance "Butterflies"?

In a world full of butterflies ... it takes balls to be a caterpillar..., is not really about one thing.... I worked with falling, flying, fears, the Icarus myth and how these elements play out for both dancers in the 21st century, in relation to their worlds of dance and performance and can the audience accompany them on this journey.


5) Throughout your career you have won numerous awards, what inspired you to create?

Lots of things inspire me, firstly, dancers that I choose to work with... How to push the boundaries of my imagination. How do i find a way to communicate to the world?


6) You created "Butterflies", what is your vision for the future?

My vision for the future: more dancing less killing!!!!


7) Who are your greatest inspirations in the dance world?

The universe is my greatest inspiration...


8) What advice would you give to other aspiring choreographers?

To aspiring choreographers I say get out of your comfort zones and make the world your oyster....


9) As an artist who has managed to remain relevant throughout the years. What stands out for you as a highlight?

The silence in the rehearsal room at the Paris opera when I asked the dancers if they had ever thought, really thought, about the people that pick the oranges that they eat...


10) The Market Theatre celebrates 40 years of storytelling this year. What are your fondest memories of the theatre?

My fondest memories of the market theatre... Barney Simon!!!!!!!!!


11) Who are the younger South African dancer/choreographers that in your opinion are building strides and changing the dance world?

I think the "new generation" of South African dancers/choreographers/live artists are challenging themselves and their environment, this warms my heart immensely...


Shows on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December, at 8 pm at The Market Theatre, as part of The Market Theatre Foundation's 40 years celebration.


2016 - RO RUNWAY-478 Thomas Lachambre Small


More information about Robyn Orlin: http://www.robynorlin.com/ #Robynorlin


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