Stone Aged Souls on tour in Southern Africa

 In April and June 2013, come and enjoy a spontaneous fusion of free-form musical and visual art with Stone Aged Souls!

Each year, the French network in South Africa supports the touring of cultural and artistic projects in the country. From well-known artists to emerging groups, from French bands to local ones.
This year, as part of the French cultural network’s regional touring program, “Stone Aged Souls” have been chosen and invited to perform in four different Alliance Francaise.

Stone Aged Souls is a multi-national, cross-cultural and trans-artistic ensemble based in Limpopo province, South Africa. Their members are singer-songwriter Joel Karabo Elliott (USA/RSA), visual artist Tawanda thebrownman Mhandu (Zim), singer-poet Dennias Moribo Mashegwane (RSA) and multi-instrumentalist Chris J Mocke (RSA). Together, their collages intersect on stage to form an improvised mosaic of color and sound that is fresh, limitless, instinctual and responsive, blending Afrikan and Western styles while telling the ancient story of emerging humanity.
In most cases, Stone Aged Souls pieces feature combinations of improvised poetry, singing, storytelling and instrumentalism that fuses traditional, ambient and experimental sounds. Moribo, jKe and Mocke bring guitars, trombone, percussion, pennywhistle, brass and many languages to the stage. This is accompanied with live sand sketching by Thebrownman, who finger sketches in sand atop a light-box, creating illuminated, story-driven images in constant metamorphosis. The evolving image is projected onto a large screen for the audience to witness as the scenes transform with the ebb and flow of the music. Thus, the birth of singing paintings and dancing sculptures.


•12 April 2013 in Pretoria
7pm at the Alliance Francaise

•13 April 2013 in Johannesburg
7pm at the Afrikan Freedom Station

•18 April 2013 in Maseru (Lesotho)
6pm at the Alliance Francaise

•20 April 2013 in Port-Elizabeth
6pm at The Little Theatre

•29 June 2013 in Johannesburg
“Fête de la Musique” - time TBC

Full Programme & information

Alliance Française of Johannesburg/ DGAF
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+27-(0)11 646 1169