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French jazz quartet "Charlier Sourrisse Multiquarium"

"Charlier Sourrisse Multiquarium"
Standard Bank NYJF, National Arts Festival
Fri 3 July 22:00 / DSG Hall / R80
Sun 5 July 20:00 / SB Jazz & Blues Café / R70


Don’t miss the French Funk Jazz quartet "Charlier / Sourrisse Multiquarium" at the Standard Bank NYJF, as part of the National Arts Festival!

Charlier/Sourisse "Multiquarium" quartet is composed by: André Charlier (drums - FR), Benoît Sourisse (piano - FR), Stéphane Guillaume (sax - FR), Jean-Michel Charbonnel (bass- FR)

They will perform their fifth album, Multiquarium. You will find other French artists at their side such as the saxophonist Stéphane Guillaume and the bassist Jean-Michel Charbonnel.

Their jazz rhythms evoke a kind of “vertical urbanity, shadows and light playing off skyscrapers”. Over more than 20 years and 1,000 concerts, Charlier and Sourisse have deepened their musical relationship and their friendship. Together they have played alongside Didier Lockwood, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Garrett, John MacLaughlin, Toots Thielmans and many more.

Come and discover their jazz rhythms and melodies at the Standard Bank NYJF, as part of the National Arts Festival from Thursday 2 July to Saturday 11 July.

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For more information about the Standard Bank Jazz Festival: http://www.youthjazz.co.za/

Listen to an extract here 

More about Charlier / Sourisse Multiquarium Quartet

An essential duo of the European Jazz.

After 4 albums of prestigious cooperations with Jerry Bergonzi, Kenny Garrett, Kurt Rosenwinkel

Throughout the years and across vast continents, after innumerable explorations and adventures, André and Benoît hit the scene yet again, their minds overflowing with mysterious melodies, savage grooves and an incendiary rhythmic sensibility comprised of the essential elements of their colorful cosmos: piano, bass and drums.

Their “Mutiquarium” writhes like a phantasmagoric jungle, a jewel box overflowing with stories both rich and strange. Nine songs burst forth with incorrigible optimism, an irresistible call to get up and dance.

To render this world in three dimensions, they have chosen to remain faithful to their long--time musical collaborators: Claude Egéa, Stéphane Guillaume, Pierre Perchaud and Jean--Michel Charbonnel. The flutes and the saxophones swirl around the trumpet and glide into the compositions as if they were tailor--made suits, sublimating the Charlier/Sourisse sound — which seems to be ripening to perfection.

Charlier/Sourisse ... they’re like Thad Jones and Mel Lewis. Together they have found the key: the one on drums and the other on piano and organ. At the heart of their sound is this rhythmic--melodic equation.

Time has helped, ripening their fraternal bonds and weaving together the last interstices of their musical union.

Their jazz makes me think of Louis Lozowick’s lithographs, evoking a kind of vertical urbanity — shadows and light playing off skyscrapers. Like a fantastical Lego structure, their sound multiplies convergence lines, superimpositions and dizzying precipices.

As they fearlessly trail--blaze a few miles in front of the rest of the squad, it seems we need a new vocabulary to describe how André Charlier and Benoît Sourisse occupy a post--something--or--other era.

They are without a doubt another eruption along the fault line created by Wayne Shorter’s Atlantis, Michael Brecker’s Quindectet or the fireworks of Jim Beard.

Their music, comprised of double--bends and sharp turns in all directions, requires skilled drivers.
Stéphane Guillaume and Claude Egea are two Ferraris, painted blue, and Pierre Perchaud brings his tight--rope--walker melodic phrasing while Jean-- Michel Charbonnel acts as the pacemaker.

Though Charlier/Sourisse is about pushing limits, they nevertheless cultivate a corner in the mysterious attic of jazz. Their virtuosity —improvised or written— is founded on history. Sometimes in broad daylight, sometimes hidden, there’s a touch of art brut, a Gaelic step or a four--four dancing in voodoo trance, sliding between real and apparent time signatures.

That’s the brilliance of this album: there are a few old crossbeams in their rock--solid structure. In the end, they are lyrical precisionists: hey, you asked for it!

The joy of playing together, an infectious generosity: their music pours over audiences in a flood of enthusiasm. For more than twenty years and over 1000 concerts, Charlier and Sourisse deepen their musical relationship and their friendship, which are both of an exceptional quality and longevity. This impression is confirmed when you see them play alongside Didier Lockwood, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Garrett, Jerry Bergonzi, john MacLaughlin, Toots Thielmans, Captain Mercier, Alex Sipiagin, Philip Catherine and many more.


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