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Francophone Weekend in Addo

AardvarkFor the first time ever the Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth organized a Francophone weekend.

18 people spent a wonderful weekend at the « Aardvark » guesthouse in Addo on the 3rd and 4th of November.

The participants met on Saturday morning at 10 o’ clock in front of the Alliance and set off for Addo, where the national park with the same name is located.

An hour later, the owners Daniel and Claude heartily welcomed them.

The Aardvark is a guesthouse with a range of different types of accommodation. There are rondavels, big tents and a camping site amongst others.


For lunch, we had a picnic under the trees. Fortunately it was very good weather, but not too hot.Fromage

On Saturday afternoon, we went to a farm near Paterson to visit its cheese factory.The owner, Estelle, makes cheese using a traditional Dutch recipe which produces cheese which resembles Gouda.After the very interesting tour, we spent some time sampling the cheeses and thereafter we were able to buy some of them.

We returned to the Aardvark and after a short nap, we participated in a treasure hunt. We had to find clues hidden in the different parts of the property in order to discover the French name of an animal: L’oryctérope du Cap – Aardvark in English.One of the clues was very difficult to find:a red lantern…It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.Eventually our German friends, Jogi and Heidi found the last clue and won a super prize: a bottle of Champagne.

After that, we all played pétanque or French bowls. It was a lot of fun, but also difficult as the parking area was very hard and full of small stones.The balls bounced very irregularly.

jeu de pisteAt sundown we enjoyed an aperitif near the big fire that Daniel had just lit for the braai.The participants drank beer or wine and the conversations were animated and in French, English, Afrikaans and German: one would have thought it was the UNO.

After supper, we watched a film projected on an outside wall, like in Cinéma Paradiso. The film was called « Home » by the director, Ursula Meier. It was strange and a little depressing, but nevertheless I thought that it was a good film with strong themes which I will remember.Braai

On Sunday, after a good night’s sleep, we had breakfast which was prepared by Daniel and Claude.Outside, it was already warm and we took our time…

Finally, we went on a short safari in the National Elephant Park. The weather was very good and the park was very green following the recent rain.Despite this, the elephants were difficult to spot.

Everybody met up at a picnic area in the middle of the park. Thanks again to Daniel and Claude who arranged the best spot and had prepared a sumptuous picnic.

Everyone was happy and left with vocabulary to learn and reuse thanks to the resource sheets prepared by the Alliance.

A good mixture of work and play: a great success and an experience to be repeated!

André Crozier, Student





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