MOOC - Basics of author's right


Would you like to know more about author's right in the creative industry? SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music in France) partnered Paris Saclay University to offer an online MOOC available on the platform 

Registrations are open until beginning of December on  


About the MOOC

Author’s rights are all around us: they are present in music, songs, paintings, movies, books and monuments, but also in video games, softwares, daily life objects ... As the cradle of the arts, they now go far beyond this field and represent a major sector of the European economy. Sometimes questioned, they are also often misunderstood. So, what are we talking about? Beyond preconceived ideas, how can we really define author’s rights? 

Paris Saclay University - through the Centre d’Études et de Recherche en Droit de l’Immatériel (CERDI) - and Sacem University, the educational department of the Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique (SACEM), have pooled their competences and know-how to explain the legal rules governing author’s rights. 

This MOOC exposes the fundamentals of author’s rights by answering three questions: what, who and how? 

- What is protected? Why and since when is the creative work protected? 

- For whose benefit?

- What is the scope of this protection? In case of a violation, what are its limits and which sanctions are planned?

Academic experts will develop these contents, through video modules and various theoretical and practical complements.



This MOOC lasts nine weeks. 

Each week, a new theme will be accessible. Each theme will be tackled through several videos, completed with documents, practical cases, and exercises to help you focus on the important notions. The script is not available, but a summary of essential points is at your disposal for each theme.

The videos are subtitled in English.

Each module is accompanied by a few questions, to allow you to take stock of what you have learned. The weekly quizzes will count for 50% of the final grade. A final quiz tackling all the themes covered will complete the final grade.

A certificate of attendance and achievement will be delivered to you by FUN if you obtain at least 60% of right answers (it will be generated by FUN and available directly on your personal space). For the different quizzes, please note that the bullets will be round if only one correct answer is possible and square if several answers are possible.



This MOOC is aimed at a public with two or three years of higher education as well as at a wider audience of professionals or curious people who want to discover, learn, or acquire specific knowledge in the field of author’s rights.