"Aliker": start your M&G literary festival with a film!

A renowned French writer, children's author and essayist, Patrick Chamoiseau will attend the next edition of the annual Mail&Guardian literary festival in Johannesburg (28 August-2 September). Born and bred in Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean, Chamoiseau is a successful meddler who also foster a great interest for cinema. He has written several feature lenght screenplays for director Guy Deslauriers, a fellow artist from Martinique. "Aliker" is the last film resulting from their collaboration, and will be screened at the very beginning of the festival on Tuesday the 28th (7pm). Released in 2008, with French rap super-star Stomy Bugsy in the title role, "Aliker" recalls with great precision the tragic fate of André Aliker, an assassinated journalist and militant in the Martinique of the thirties. Praised for its historical accuracy, the film recreates the social tension between rural workers and powerful landowners in an island still deeply marked by the remnants of slavery. With his astute artistic approach and moving political message, "Aliker" is the best way to start your M&G literary festival!

The annual Mail&Guardian literary festival will take place between Tuesday 28th August and Sunday 2nd of September at the Johannesburg Market Theatre.
"Aliker" will be screened at the Market theatre of Johannesburg on Tuesday the 28th of August at 7pm and at the Alliance française of Cape Town on Thursday the 30th at 7pm.