South African cinema at Cannes Film Festival 2013

South African Cinema at Cannes Festival 2013

A special South Africa focus at the French “Cinemas du Monde” pavilion, SA production projects in residence during the entire film festival, market screenings: all this is happening during the Cannes Film Festival 2013 (15-26 May).

See below for details about South Africa on the Croisette!


 SA focus at the “Cinemas du Monde” pavilion

In the context of the South African season in France starting in May, the French “Cinemas du Monde” pavilion will host a special focus on South Africa on Saturday 18 May from 10h00  to 13h00. This special program is organised in partnership with the National Film and Video Foundation –NFVF.


Program as follows: 

-10h00 – SA film industry presentation by NFVF & DTI

-10h30 – France/South Africa co-productions panel discussion with Ramadan Suleman (Natives at Large) & Virginie Guibbaud (Les Films d’ici) for “Makeba” documentary project, Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema) for “The King and Casalis” feature film project and Didier Costet (Swift Productions)

-11h30 – presentation of the South African On Line Film Festival (SAOFF) by Enrico Chiesa (


SA project in residence at the Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde

The Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde celebrates its 5th anniversary under the patronage of film maker Raoul Peck. This year a South Africa/Kenya feature film project is among the 9 projects in development selected from around the world that will benefit from a personalised project support through one-to-one meetings with key players in the film industry during the Cannes festival period. 

The South Africa/Kenya project is “Jambula Tree” with Kenyan film maker Kahui Wanuri as director and South African Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema) as producer.

Steven Markovitz participation to Cannes film festival is supported by IFAS, along with Ramadan Suleman and producer/director Sara Blecher, who is invited to the Cannes Producers Network by CNC (Centre National du Cinema).

In addition to that, the SA feature film project “Days of Cannibalism” directed by Teboho Joscha Edkins is among the 15 projects selected worldwide by the Cannes film festival to be presented during the festival as part of The Atelier film development program. 


NFVF program at Cannes 2013

As usual, the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) hosts the South African pavilion at Cannes Film Festival. The SA schedule for this year includes, amongst others, the market screening of South African films Blitz Patrollie, Black South Easter and Khumba (animation).

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