A South African film selected at the CinéMondes Festival of Lille!

“Otelo Burning”, a moving South African long feature about the troubled and often violent events that have accompanied the fall of Apartheid, has just been selected for the official competition at the prestigious CinéMondes Festival of Lille. Another work of the talented director Sara Blecher – who came into the spotlight in SA for “Surfing Soweto”, a documentary that captured the story of boys hopping from one speeding train to the next, risking their lives just for the thrill – "Otelo Burning" is pitched on the fans' blogs as "a coming of age story set against the backdrop of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. It's an emotional story of kids in the township learning to surf. It's a story of the explosive potential for change at the time of apartheid's end - all seen through a child's eye." You can see excerpts of the film here.

A you might have read in CinéMondes' "call for application" that Intofrench published some month ago, the festival is proud to defend the right for films of every people in their diversity and differences to get attention. "The influence of world cultures is a necessary step in order to create mutual understanding among all the public reflect on the political, economic, social and cultural institutions in order to contribute to bringing people of all backgrounds", the festival states.

Intofrench wishes the best of luck to "Otelo Burning" in this wonderful adventure!