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Exciting French Line Up at the DIFF 2015

Wolf Totem Hope Ladygrey  Run

The French film industry will be widely represented at the 36th edition of the Durban International Film Festival this year with a large selection of French films and co-productions.

The selection of feature films includes fictions: 
Bizarre by Etienne Faure (USA,France), Dealer by Jean Luc Herbulot (France), Eden by Mia Hansen-Løve (France), Fevers by Hicham Ayouch (Morocco,France), Hope by Boris Lojkine (France), Ladygrey by Alain Choquart (South Africa, France, belgium), Run by Philippe Lacôte (Ivory coast, France), Suzanne by Katell Quillévéré (France), Wolf Totem by Jean-Jacques Annaud (France, China), and You and the Night by Yann Gonzales (France) as well as documentaries: Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy by Stéphanie Valloatto (France) and I am the People by Anna Roussillon (France).

The selection of short films include July 14th by Barocas Michael (France), A Single Body by Sotiris Dounoukos (France), Superman isn't Jewish (but i am a bit...) by Jimmy Bemon (France), Mother Earth by Aliou Sow (Senegal, France), and Quiet Mujo by Ursula Meier (France, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal).

One of Africa's biggest film events, the DIFF attracts both film-lovers and industry representatives from across Africa and beyond. During ten days, the festival celebrates world class cinema with screenings of new feature, documentary and short films from around the globe with a special focus on African film.

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Jean-Jacques Annaud will premiere his new film in South Africa at DIFF as part of an exceptional line-up of French films and guests present this year at the festival, including Boris Lojkine (Hope) as part of a Cannes Critics’ Week best-off. 

For the first time, two prestigious Cannes Film Festival sections will be represented in Durban, the Critics’ Week and the Directors’ Fortnight, together with a delegation of Reunion Island and experts from Produire au Sud- 3 Continents Festival taking part to the Durban FilmMart industry programme for the third consecutive year.

Bizarre Dealer  Eden

 Suzanne You and the night Fevers



1.1. Fictions

Bizarre by Etienne Faure (United States, France) 2015, 98 min
Maurice 17 years is a homeless boy in Brooklyn. One day he enters in the BIZARRE the trendy bar / club. Very quickly he’s « adopt » and become the « mascot » of the club. Then everyone will love Maurice. And everyone will want to be loved by Maurice. But Maurice does not love anyone He will never love anyone anymore….

Dealer by Jean Luc Herbulot (France) 2014, 75 min
24 hours in the life of Dan, a seasoned drugdealer dreaming about a better life : move to Australia. But after a botched deal, he will have to find a way to save his family. Lies, crualty, treasons ... For now on, survival by any means necessary will be the only matter.

Eden by Mia Hansen-Løve (France) 2015, 131min
In the 1990s, Paul gets his first taste of the world of Parisian nightlife.
Mad about music, he creates a DJ duo, "Cheers," with his best friend.
They rapidly find a fanbase and experience giddy, euphoric, dangerous, and ephemeral success as they rise in the House music world.
Caught up in his passion, Paul forgets to construct his life.

Fevers by Hicham Ayouch (Morocco, France) 2014, 89 min
At only thirteen, Benjamin is a little soldier at war with life, with adults and with himself. He is a troubled kid with a tormented soul and goes back and forth into foster homes since the age of five. Eventually, his mother goes to jail and reveals to Benjamin the existence of his father. For Benjamin there is just one goal; getting out of foster care. So when the social worker gave him the choice, he decides to go live at this unknown father’s place…

Hope by Boris Lojkine (France) 2014, 122min
In his debut feature, the French helmer takes on the forever-relevant topic of migration from Africa to Europe. Léonard from Cameroon (Endurance Newton) and Hope from Nigeria (Justin Wang) form a contested partnership on their dangerous journey to Europe – a dreamland where even mosquitoes drink coca cola. 

Ladygrey by Alain Choquart (South Africa, France, Belgium) 2015, 109min
Ten years after the end of Apartheid. Inside a French mission established at the foot of the magnificent Drakensberg Mountains, a community of black and white South Africans tries to live without recalling the violent clashes of the past that have left their secret scars on everyone. The past will suddenly emerge and break the silence, endangering the fragile balance of reconciliation and the slightly crazy dreams of the community’s most innocent members.

Run by Philippe Lacôte (Ivory Coast, France) 2014, 100 min
RUN is running away… He has just killed his country’s Prime Minister. Therefore he had to take the face and clothes of a madman wandering throughout the town for months. His life returns to him in flashes: his childhood with master Tourou, when he dreamt of becoming a rainmaker, his incredible adventures with Greedy Gladys and his militia past as a Young Patriot in Ivory Coast's political and military conflict. RUN has not chosen all of these lives. He stumbled into them, escaping from one life to another. This is why he is called RUN.

Suzanne by Katell Quillévéré (France) 2013, 94min
Writer/director Quillévéré’s second feature follows Suzanne (Sara Forestier) during 25 years of her life. Suzanne grows up with her sister (Adèle Haenel) and widowed truck-driver father (François Damiens). When Suzanne falls pregnant while still in school, the family with its new member remains a tight unit, but when she falls in love with a gangster, the stability is threatened. 

Wolf Totem by Jean-Jacques Annaud (China, France) 2015, 120min
A young man discovers the mystical bond between herdsman and wolf amidst the beautiful wilderness of Inner Mongolia in Jean-Jacques Annaud's spectacular return.

You and the Night by Yann Gonzales (France) 2013, 100min
Gonzalez kick-started his feature film career with an erotic-existential-queer comedy. Starring legendary French footballer Eric Cantona in the role of a well-hung stud/former child-poet and one of seven member of a meticulously cast orgy, it explores and intentionally confuses memory and fantasy.

1.2. Documentaries

Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy by Stéphanie Valloatto (France) 2014, 106 min
12 wonderful, funny, tragic and crazy satirical cartoonists from around the world defend democracy with a single weapon, a pencil, at the risk of their own lives. They come from France, Tunisia, Russia, America, Burkina-Faso, China, Algeria, the Ivory Coast, Venuzuela, Israel and Palestine.

I am the People by Anna Roussillon (France) 2014, 111min
January 2011 in Egypt was marked by anti-government demonstrations. While tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo, poor villagers in the country's south followed the tense situation on Tahrir Square on their TV screens and in the daily newspapers. It is from their perspective that this documentary captures the political changes in Egypt, from the toppling of President Mubarak to the election of Mohamed Morsi. The film reveals the villagers' hopes and disappointments, and shows that despite the wild events, very little has actually changed in their lives.


July 14th by Barocas Michael (France) Year: 2015, 8min
As an elderly couple wander through the streets of Paris, feelings start to come back and emotions arise

A Single Body by Sotiris Dounoukos (France) Year: 2014, 19min
Best friends and skilled abattoir workers David and Wani are saving to open their own butchery, but before they can realise their dream the arrival of a new worker will test the bonds of their shared life.

Superman isn't Jewish (but i am a bit...) by Jimmy Bemon (France) Year: 2014, 30 min
When he finds out that it’s because he’s Jewish that his male member different, young Benjamin decides to do everything he can to hide his religion and keep his secret.

Mother Earth by Aliou Sow (France, Senegal) Year: 2014, 30min
Twenty-year-old Abdoulaye is an inner city youth. When one of his brothers dies in a car accident, he decides to carry the body to his parents’ village in Mauritania.

Quiet Mujo by Ursula Meier (France, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal) 2014, 11 min
10-year-old Mujo misses his penalty kick. The ball flies over the goal and disappears among the tombstones of the graveyard. “Go search among the Christians!” some of his playmates yell. “Seek among the Muslims!” others snicker. Searching for the ball, Mujo wanders in the kingdom of the dead.


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