"The Skin I Live In": Pedro Almodovar's last film is also a French novel

Pedro Almodovar's last master-work has just appeared on South African cinema screens. Following a terrifying plot of hatred and revenge, “The Skin I Live In” is also an original film that raises the contemporary issues of gender crossing and genetic manipulation. Antonio Banderas is at his best as a brilliant plastic surgeon haunted by his chaotic familial past, and the gorgeous Elena Anaya marches in the footsteps of Penelope Cruz, showing that Spain is full of promising talents. But few knows that this tormented story set in contemporary Spain is actually based on a French crime-novel of the late Thierry Jonquet, a master of the genre. Written in the eighties, “Mygale” has been acclaimed as a turning point of the French crime-writing, both for its visionary plot (genetic experiment and trans-gender issues were not yet the hot topics they eventually became) and its frightening depiction of cold-blooded characters obsessed by their own will, ready to breach any rule or law to satisfy their gruesome desires. Having seen Almodovar's new film or not, don't miss “Mygale” that awaits you at Dibuka and in many other French media centres across the country!