Novel to be translated : Nina

NINA by Frédéric Lenoir, Simonetta Greggio

Adrien is a single, forty-something Parisian with no children. He has lost all lust for life and one evening decides to commit suicide. He writes a will and a last letter to Nina, the love of his life, the only woman he loved passionately and unconditionally.
Nina and Adrien were children when they met. Memories of their summer holidays spent in Ravello sweep back over Adrien in great waves. Putting off his suicide till the following evening, then the next and the next again, he writes these memories down in his long letter to Nina which, over the course of those evenings, becomes the overwhelming declaration of love he never dared to make to the young Italian woman herself.
Adrien has always dreamed of becoming a writer. He had to wait until this final moment to have the courage to write. Exhausted but  at peace with himself, he takes a cocktail of pills and slips into a deep coma. He could never guess that his words will turn several people’s lives upside down: firstly Nina’s but also all the people in some way touched by his writing.

Simonetta Greggio and Frédéric Lenoir have created this two-handed novel as an immersion in the intransigence and simplicity of the love we look for all our lives, and that we sometimes find only at the very beginning.
Simonetta Greggio is Italian and writes in French. She has written five novels published by Stock, including La douceur des hommes (2005), Dolce Vita 1959-1979 (2010) and L’homme qui aimait ma femme (2012).
The philosopher and writer Frédéric Lenoir hosts a weekly show, Les Racines du ciel for France Culture. He has written some thirty books, including five novels that have been translated into twenty languages. His latest successes include: L’Ame du monde (NiL), Petit traité de vie intérieure (Plon) and La guérison du monde (Fayard).

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Publication date: 05/2013
Dimensions: 215 x 135 mm
Number of pages: 304
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