Books - Publishing support

Grants to South African Publishers for the Acquisition of Rights
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut français offer a grant program to help publishers offset the cost of acquiring the rights for books translated from the French.

Grants to South African Publishers for Translation and Publishing
The grant program for South African publishers aims to make original works from French authors from available to South African readers. The program offers selected publishers a grant to partially fund the costs of translating and publishing from French into South African languages not yet distributed in the country.
South African publishers wishing to participate and seeking a grant through these programs should contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recent books which have been published thanks the support of the Embassy of France in South Africa


"Tagtig Gedigte en Twee Essays" (Hond publishers) by Michel Houellebecq translated by Catherine du Toit


"Die Pes" (Protea Boekehuis) by Albert Camus translated by Piet de Jager