Comic Book Residency project on Migration in Cape Town

Su   Lindokuhle  hippolyte  Jarryn  Kai-Pfeiffer  Sarah Rose
Photos from left to right: Su Opperman; Lindokuhle Nkosi; Hippolyte; Jarryn Katia; Kai Pfeiffer; Sarah Rose

Within the framework of the artistic support plan of the Franco-German Funds, the Goethe-Institut of South Africa and the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) are presenting a residency project involving three well-known comic book artists from South Africa, France and Germany, who will be assisted by three journalists from Cape Town, to carry out artistic and journalistic work on the theme of “migration”. The project is entitled Comic Reporting: A New Journalistic Format at the Service of Freedom of Expression.

This project will take on the form of a four-week residency in June 2016, in the city of Cape Town and surroundings. Each author will team up with a South African journalist (of less than 35 years of age) working actively on social issues relating to the high economic and political migration which South Africa has been experiencing for a few years already. Each pair will conduct an investigation for a whole month, and work towards giving substance to a news story in the form of comic reporting of graphic, narrative and journalistic quality.

The four weeks in Cape Town will be dedicated to investigating, as well as sharing experiences and skills. Finally, artists and journalists will be invited to come back to Cape Town on the occasion of the Open Book Festival (5-12 September 2016) with a view to sharing their experience on the residency and potentially introduce the work in progress of the three pairs as well as story-boards.


Su Opperman & Lindokuhle Nkosi


Hippolyte & Jarryn Katia



Kai Pfeiffer & Sarah Rose