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Comic Book Residency project on Migration in Cape Town

Su   Lindokuhle  hippolyte  Jarryn  Kai-Pfeiffer  Sarah Rose
Photos from left to right: Su Opperman; Lindokuhle Nkosi; Hippolyte; Jarryn Katia; Kai Pfeiffer; Sarah Rose

Within the framework of the artistic support plan of the Franco-German Funds, the Goethe-Institut of South Africa and the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) are presenting a residency project involving three well-known comic book artists from South Africa, France and Germany, who will be assisted by three journalists from Cape Town, to carry out artistic and journalistic work on the theme of “migration”. The project is entitled Comic Reporting: A New Journalistic Format at the Service of Freedom of Expression.

This project will take on the form of a four-week residency in June 2016, in the city of Cape Town and surroundings. Each author will team up with a South African journalist (of less than 35 years of age) working actively on social issues relating to the high economic and political migration which South Africa has been experiencing for a few years already. Each pair will conduct an investigation for a whole month, and work towards giving substance to a news story in the form of comic reporting of graphic, narrative and journalistic quality.

The four weeks in Cape Town will be dedicated to investigating, as well as sharing experiences and skills. Finally, artists and journalists will be invited to come back to Cape Town on the occasion of the Open Book Festival (5-12 September 2016) with a view to sharing their experience on the residency and potentially introduce the work in progress of the three pairs as well as story-boards.


Su Opperman & Lindokuhle Nkosi

  • Su Opperman is a freelance illustrator and artist living in Cape Town. Currently, she is the head of the Comic Art Unit of the CCIBA (the Centre for Comics, Illustrative and Book Arts) affiliated with the university of Stellenbosch. The Cape Town underground comics and art scene remains the prime inspiration for most of her creative outpourings, from personal zines to large scale artwork.
  • Lindokuhle Nkosi is a writer from South Africa whose textual work often merges with installation and performance. Her work is consistently insightful, rich in textures, and engaged with realities.


Hippolyte & Jarryn Katia


  • Hippolyte is a French comic artist, photographer and illustrator. He has published around 20 books (Dracula, Le maître de Ballantrae, Les Ombres, etc) and for some years he has been specialized in comic report, mixing photography and drawings. Hippolyte is working for the famous Revue XXI where he published four comic reports taking part in Africa, L’Afrique de Papa (Papa in Africa) talking about white people living in Senegal, Les Enfants de Kinshasa (The Children of Kinshasa) about the power of neo evangelic Church and children accused of witchcraft, Bataye kok about cockfight in Reunion Island  and Chagos about the destiny and Chagossian people pushed away from their homeland. He also published with Patrick de Saint-Exupéry a big comic report about the genocide in Rwanda, La Fantaisie des dieux (God Fantasy). His report Les Enfants de Kinshasa was the first comic report selected in the Albert Londres Prize.

  • Jarryn Katia is a writer, journalist, broadcast media consultant and social change communication specialist. He also runs an innovation and design thinking consultancy, Alchemy, that assists in developing products, programs and interventions for positive social impact.


Kai Pfeiffer & Sarah Rose

  • Kai Pfeiffer was born in Berlin in 1975, where he lives and works on projects in comics and fine arts, books and exhibitions. He studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee from 1996-2003. His first solo art book Opérations Esthétiques was published in 2000 by Le Dernier Cri (Marseille). Since then he divided his work mainly into fictional comics, often experimental (notably the work complex REALM, consisting of what he proclaims to be “molecular drawings“, published so far in diverse comic books and anthologies), as well as documentary comics. In the latter vein, Radioactive forever, about the catastrophe of Chernobyl, was published in Japan in 2012. Since 2011, he works as a duo with the Belgian artist Dominique Goblet, drawing and writing together. Their first graphic novel, Plus si entente, was published in 2014 by Frémok & Actes sud BD.

  • Sarah Rose is a 4th year Journalism student from Rhodes University and a black Bic pen is her favourite thing. Somerset West is her hometown but her bookshelf and studies are based in Grahamstown, where she's specialising in writing and editing. Her addictions include drawing, learning and exploring this wonderful world.


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