French author Valérie Zenatti awarded the Prize of the Book Inter (2015)

French author Valérie Zenatti was awarded this week the 41st Prize of the Book Inter (2015) with her novel Jacob, Jacob.


Her book explores the Algerian history and memory through the portrait of Jacob, a young Jew of Constantine in Algeria enrolled in June 1944 to free France from the nazis. The Prize of the Book Inter has become over the years an significant and respected literary award. This is due to the diversity of its jury members, consisting of 24 listeners-readers, 12 women and 12 men, who vote under the chairmanship of a writer. A jury, which changes every year - guarantee of independence - with, as the only criterion, the love of reading. This year, the jury was presided by author Jean-Christophe Rufin.  

About Valérie Zenatti
Valérie Zenatti was born in Nice, France, in 1970. When she was thirteen, her family moved to Israel, where she grew up and learnt Hebrew. On her return to France in 1990, she worked as journalist and teacher. Since 1999, she has written books for the youth at L'école des loisirs, of which “When I was a soldier” and “A bottle in the Gaza Sea”. Her first novel was adapted as a film titled “Ultimatum”.

A bit of background of the Book Prize Inter
Created by Paul-Louis Mignon in 1975, the Book Prize Inter is recognised today as one of the highest awards in the literary world. This award is based on a passion for literature which is present in every programme presented on French radio France Inter and shared with the listeners for almost over 40 years. In 1975, France Inter decided to give a literary rendez-vous to his listeners in a different way: literature could be at the centre of a shared adventure between France Inter and its listeners. The radio called for listeners to apply to participate in the jury. 800 letters flocked and the 24 listeners nominated jury members with President Pierre Emmanuel voted for the first Book Prize Inter winner Catherine d’Etchéa for her book “Des demeures et des gens”.