"The Little Brown Bear" alive and kicking at Dibuka

Thirty-six years later, the Little Brown Bear (Petit Ours Brun) is still three year old and has become a real classic in libraries and bookshops. The bear was created in 1975 by Claude Lebrun together with the editorial team of Pomme d’Api, and is illustrated by Danièle Bour. Bayard Presse explained that “the Little Brown Bear [was] the hero of first times...” Children of 2 to 3 year old identify very easily with the feelings of the Little Brown Bear who lives short, simple and universal adventures. Through these, children can read about the whole register of everyday life, reinforced by straight-forward and colourful graphics: school, fear, parents’ love, the potty and, more generally, discovering and relating to the world.

In many ways, the Little Brown Bear displays a world which is rather too perfect. The family set up, for example, is very typical in that the mother wears a dress, cooks and gives hugs while the father is the one who scolds when the Little Brown Bear does something he shouldn’t. Yet, this extremely simplified universe enables young readers to focus on main children’s issues and affects them positively.

The Little Brown Bear has his own Website where registered children can undertake various fun activities like colouring, read all sorts of information as well as learn the lyrics of the bear’s song. Finally, the Little Brown Bear has been adapted for television and is also available on DVD.

Website: http://www.petitoursbrun.com/

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