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3 new box sets "book-movie"

Three new box sets (with paperback, DVD and booklet) from the Folio Cinema collection have been placed on the shelves of Dibuka, next to "L’Adversaire"!








"Les disparus de Saint-Agil" – this classic of youth literature also became a classic of French cinema. The novel tells the story of three pupils who created a secret society called the Chiche-Capons. Little by little, they mysteriously disappear from the Saint-Agil boarding school…
In this novel published in 1935, Pierre Véry drew inspiration from his own time spent in a boarding school during which, among his group of friends, he was the writer.
In 1938, Christian-Jaque adapted the novel for the cinema and asked Jaques Prévert to write some of the dialogues. In describing French society in the 1930s-1940s, at the onset of WWII, the film combines various narrative genres, making it an all-public experience.







"Belle de jour" – Joseph Kessel’s novel was published in 1928 in several installments in a politico-literary weekly publication entitled "Gringoire". "Belle de jour" is the story of Séverine who is married to Pierre, a young house physician for whom she has no physical desire. One day, her husband’s friend Henri tells her about a brothel. Puzzled, Séverine decides to go there and ends up becoming Belle de jour, offering herself every afternoon between 14:00 and 17:00… but Henri found her out.
The story created a scandal at first due to its pornographic aspect and Séverine’s sexual fantasies. Yet, the novel, which was published by Gaston Gallimard who was persuaded that it would be successful, obtained the Académie Française Award.
Spanish-born film director Luis Buñuel adapted the novel for the cinema in 1967, entrusting Catherine Deneuve with the role of Séverine and Michel Piccoli with that of Henri (both actor being familiar with Buñuel’s work). The film enjoyed great success and won the Golden Lion at the Mostra de Venise festival.






"L’histoire d’Adèle H." and "Adèle et la pacotilleuse" are the titles of a movie and a book, the former directed by François Truffaut in 1975, with Isabelle Adjani as Adèle, and the latter written by Raphaël Confiant in 2005. They are to be viewed and read as complementary references.
Adèle, the youngest daughter of the great Victor Hugo, is in love with British officer Albert Pinson. She joins him first in Halifax, then follows him to Barbados where his regiment is sent. But he does not love her and rejects her. Adèle is stubborn and finds ways to try to see him but, over time becomes mad. She progressively becomes wild, wandering on the quays of Bridgetown, where a West Indian woman with a big heart, Céline Alvarez Bàà, a junk trader, finds her and looks after her. Céline and Adèle travel together in the West Indies…

François Truffaut’s film "L’histoire d’Adèle H." focuses on the first part of Adèle’s sentimental exile in the West Indies, while Raphaël Confiant’s novel "Adèle et la pacotilleuse" focuses on the second part of Adèle’s life under Céline’s wing. The novel almost literally begins where the film ends.

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