Dibuka receives books from the Fondation RATP and the Biblionef association

donation-biblionef-RATP-201Thanks to the Fondation RATP, also known as the RĂ©gie Autonome des Transports Parisiens which is a state-owned public transport operator headquartered in Paris, France, the Biblionef association, a book donation non-profit organisation based in France and the French Institute of South Africa, Media centres of Schools teaching French in the Gauteng region received 4000 French books.

Dibuka is proud to announce it has received 130 new titles, mainly for kids and teenagers to add to its collection. These books range from novels for adolescents, documents as well as colourful albums for kids. These books, which are not to miss, are available and are displayed in your library.

Dibuka extents its warmest gratitude to the Fondation RATP and the Biblionef Fondation for this fantastic donation.