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The French publisher's agency

Discover in one glance the hottest of French contemporary literature with The French Publisher's Agency. Based in NY'c, the French Publishers' Agency is an affiliate of the Bureau International de l'Edition Française (BIEF), which is responsible for the international promotion of French publishers. It represents an average of sixty French publishers in any given year, many of whom have been with the agency since the beginning. Not just an outlet for the big names in literature, literary criticism, philosophy, history, and sociology, the French Publishers’ Agency also opens doors for contemporary novelists and new, provocative thinkers including Muriel Barbery, Emmanuel Carrère, Philippe Claudel, Assia Djebar, Laurent Gaudé, Anna Gavalda, Alain Mabanckou, Philippe Némo, Amélie Nothomb, Michel Onfray, Daniel Pennac, Gilbert Simondon, Hervé This, and Louis-Georges Tin.

Books - Culturethèque

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    Available now! Culturethèque is the digital platform of your multimedia library.You can access hundreds of thousands of documentary resources for free, with a few clicks of your mouse, thanks to a powerful search engine.These include books, audio books, videos, newspapers, magazines and journals,… Read more
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    A website on Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, mysterious founder of the French Congo

    Since 1999, the French delegation for national commemorations has built a network of websites dedicated to specific anniversaries and commemorations. In this regard, an amazing website about Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, mysterious founder of the French Congo, was created for the centenary of his… Read more
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    A website dedicated to Henri the 4th, one of France greatest king

    A very rich website commemorates Henri the 4th of France, a key figure to understand the economic, military and cultural prowess of France during the 17th century. The country was ruined by a terrible war of religion between Catholic and Protestants when he ascended the throne of France in 1589.… Read more