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Good France: Explore what is on in SA

Good France: Explore what is on in SA
1000 chefs, 1000 diners, 5 continents
On 19 March, 1000 chefs will prepare a French dinner on the 5 continents. What is on in SA? Discover what the chefs in your city are preparing for you!
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6 Spin Street Restaurant photographer PW 040 small

From Robert Mulders and the team that brought you Rozenhof Restaurant...6 Spin Street Restaurant is located in the historic Sir Herbert Baker building at 6 Spin Street, Cape Town, overlooking Church Square.

Cold starter: Mixed green salad with sprouts and an orange vinaigrette 

Hot starter: Cheese soufflé 
Fish or crustacean: Fresh linefish on a bed of poached cherry tomatoes with rouille 
Meat or poultry: Herb-encrusted free range beef fillet, with a spinach and mushroom timbale, roasted garlic and Cabernet sauce 
Cheese: Brie 
Dessert: Chocolate nougat terrine with crème anglaise

Chef Robert Mulders talks to us!
o When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
When I read Elizabeth David: French Provincial Cooking. It was in 1983.
What fantastic descriptions and love. Of the ingredients, of the dishes, of the regions and of the people.

o What’s your favourite French dish?
Crème brûlée

o Sweet or savoury?
Although in general I prefer savoury dishes.

o White, red or bubbly?
Red wine

o What’s your favourite French ingredient to cook with?
I have many favourite ingredients, but are they exclusively French? Let's say the ingredients that make a soufflé, a quintessential French dish that I love to make.

o What's your favourite music to cook by?
Classical; piano.

o What would be your favourite French region for a culinary experience?
How difficult to choose ... in summer, Provence, for the herbs, olives, tomatoes, anchovies, seafood. In other seasons, Normandy, for butter, cream, poultry.

o What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
See my answer about the region. And then I love cooking with chocolate!

o Have you already worked in France or with a French chef?



T: +27(0)21 461 0666
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jason Chef Freres Bistro

Catering to those who have a palate for honest French cuisine served in a relaxed style that more than lives up to the European principle of joie de vivre, Frere’s offers its loyal customers the chance to eat with friends, laugh & enjoy. This homegrown Bistro prides itself on serving fresh produce straight from the organic garden to your plate and will delight you with a menu to suit even the most picky of eaters. Sante!

Cold starter: Vichysoisse, Wild Mushroom Powder, Nasturtium Oil
Hot starter: "Frogs & Snails", Onion Purée, Confit Garlic, Parley Foam
Fish or crustacean: Steamed Kabeljou, Shrimp & Pea Risotto, Basil Cream
Meat or poultry: Coffee & Paprika Marinated Venison, Truffled Croquettes, Carrot Jus
Cheese: Goats Cheese Panacotta
Dessert: "Mille Feuille" of Pineapple and Coconut Ice Cream, Rum Sabayon

Chef Jason Whitehead talks to us!
 When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
My parents both owned restaurants, so it was something I was exposed to from a very young age.

 What’s your favourite French dish?
Duck & Toulouse Sausage Cassoulet

 What’s your favourite French ingredient to cook with?
Being based in South Africa, where we try and keep things as local as possible, so difficult to say.

 What would be your favourite French region for a culinary experience?

 Have you already worked in France or with a French chef?
No, but I am going in August to hopefully meet up with some French chefs and maybe even work a night in their kitchen, if they will have me that is ;)

 Sweet or savory?

 White, red or bubbly?

 What's your favourite music to cook by?
None, it distracts me from what I am focussing on



> EAT 

Eat restaurant

Canapé & Apéritif: Crab & Cheese Gougères fritters

Cold starter: Beetroot gravadlax with green mango salad & coriander
Hot starter: Salad of quails, sweet peas, à la grècque mushrooms, foie gras dressing
Fish or crustacean: Crayfish bisque, with monkfish and lobster quenelles, gruyère cheese and rouille sauce
Meat or poultry: Rooibos smoked beef fillet, rösti potato, confit of duck, spinach and porcini
Cheese and Dessert: Melting Chavreau cheese with truffled Dauphinois potato, rocket and salted caramel walnuts 

Telephone: 011 476 3749


Sel et Poivre is a fine dining restaurant at The Quatermain Premier Boutique Hotel located in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg. The menu is a result of years of culinary experience of Chef Patron Coco Reinarhz - bringing French flair with a hint of African flavour to his delectable dishes.

Coco Sel et Poivre

Cold Starter: Crunchy Tomato and Mozzarella di Buffalla with fresh basil
Hot Starter: Cassolette of Scallops and green Apple cubes, in light curry made with Elle &Vire cream
Fish: Tiger Prawn rolled with Sole fillet with Fennel on a Pea mash
Meat: Rack of Lamb with a Parsnips and Truffle purée on Asparagus
Cheese: Roasted Port-Salut with a Fig and Port jam
Dessert: Sabayon au Grand Marnier et sa glace au chocolat amer

Chef Coco talks to us!
 When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
I didn’t decide to become a chef, I was almost born in my mother’s kitchen (she was a great chef ). It is GENETIC…

 What’s your favourite French dish?
Ris de Veau à la crème de Truffe noire, pure MAGIC

 What’s your favourite French ingredient to cook with?
Truffle, it’s one on the few smells that turns me on!!!!

 What would be your favourite French region for a culinary experience?
Lyon, it is the world gastronomy destination

 Have you already worked in France or with a French chef?
I am from Belgium, I would love to work with Alain Ducasse.

 Sweet or savoury?
I prefer savoury but a Foie gras terrine with Onion marmalade is to die for…

 White, red or bubbly?
It depends what I am eating but I am a Pinot noir lover, so red or bubbly 

 What's your favourite music to cook by?
As I said earlier, I was almost born in my mother’s kitchen so the sound of pots banging is comfort sound for me and I love it.



The forum company strives to consistently deliver world–class food and event management with South African personality and style.

the forum arno boshoff


Cold Starter: Golden crudité: cobb mielies, baby corn, radishes, julienne yellow bells and lemon salad with farmed baby shoots. Served with hummus of butternut and ginger soil
Hot Starter: Sweet potato lychee soup with peanut foam and rocket coulis
Fish or crustacean: Poached roulade of dorado and local salmon trout mousse, roasted betterave pesto and espice mango veloute
Meat or poultry: Dukah crusted loin of impala, sauce of spiced espresso grapes. Crispy potato fondand and seasonal melange of legumes verte.
Cheese: Bleu D'Auvergne with candied persimon
Dessert: Bitter cape chocolate and Rhubarb torte

Chef Arno Boshoff talks to us!
o When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
Believe it or not I actually wanted to be a doctor. At school I decided to take home economic instead of carpentry. I did very good in home economics so when the time came to make a career disicion it was obvious what I should do. There were still times that I was not sure if I made the correct choice during my studies but when I got awarded as the best hospitality and catering services student in South Africa I knew I made the right choice. So here I am today . . . never looked back.

o What’s your favourite French dish?
I love sweets :). Rochette

o What’s your favourite French ingredient to cook with?
Too many to choose from. All

o What would be your favourite French region for a culinary experience?

o Have you already worked in France or with a French chef?
The forum company was fortunate to be hosting the French Week of Taste. We hosted the event over two day at our iconic venue in the middle of Johanneburg city – Turbine Hall. I work during that time with French chef and it was awesome. Our dinners were a huge success and we both learnt a lot from each other.

o Sweet or savoury?

o White, red or bubbly? All. They all good!!!!!

o What's your favourite music to cook by?



A whole new world of Flavour!

shaun smith fusion

Cold starter: South African Biltong-spiced cured beef, baby leaf and berry salad with smoked butternut and blue cheese wonton, crispy-crumbed fruit nut cake nuggets and fig jus dressing.

Hot starter: South African beef bobotie brioche and butter pudding with toasted flaked almonds and apricot gastrique, topped with a curry emulsion and roasted onion, garlic and tomato cream.
Fish or crustacean: Ceviche of Cape salmon tossed in hazelnut and apricot chutney with blanched herbed prawns, on smoked cauliflower purée, finished with a lemon-basil coulis.
Meat or poultry: Confit Duck with herbed maize croquettes, confit tomatoes, lime and mango anglaise and an orange and soya sauce reduction.
Cheese: A selection of cows and goats milk French-style cheeses sourced from the KwaZulu-Natal midlands region, with olives, preserves and fresh bread.
Dessert: Dark chocolate enrobed tricolore of nougat, milk tartlet, and a vanilla-coffee crème

Chef Shaun Smith talks to us!
 When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

As I travelled and engaged with different cultures I came to understand food as a window into each culture. It took me 10 years while a computer software developer to realise my dream to cook professionally and not just as a hobby. I love both the art and the science of cooking... I see it is a craft, and myself as a craftsman.

 What’s your favourite French dish?

Salad Nicoise when it's hot, and Cassoulet when it's cold.

 What’s your favourite French ingredient to cook with?

Wine… for the Chef of course! ;)

 What would be your favourite French region for a culinary experience?

I have 3 regions in mainland France: Lyon (Rhone), Paris and Normandie.
But I really do enjoy the island cuisine of Ile de la Réunion (Reunion Island).

 Have you already worked in France or with a French chef?

Oui... I have worked in Reunion Island, and in May/June this year I will join the team of JL Tartarin - a two Michelin star restaurant in Le Havre, Normandie, as a “stagiaire”."

 Sweet or savoury?

Savoury... and anything with dark chocolate!

 White, red or bubbly?

All of the above including rose... as long as it is good quality wine!

 What's your favourite music to cook by?

Parov Stelar, Caro Emerald, Nina Simone, U2


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